Why Swisscoin will be the world leading cryptocurrency!



  • Secure and traceable cryptocurrency
  • Total 10 billion Swisscoin, no more, no less, EVER! (inflation protected)
  • 100 million FREE Swisscoin to the 1 million members
  • 100 Million Swisscoins to merchants to the 1 million merchants
  • Based out of Switzerland with Swiss CEO (company located in the new cryptovalley i Canton, Switzerland)
  • 5,000 Founding partners backing the coin
  • Unique Hybrid Marketing Plan (no "dead legs", One team, One qualifiction, daily payout)
  • Peoples coin, Education packages from €25
  • Always FREE registration
  • FREE "paperwallet" for your Swisscoin
  • All members Swisscoin are insuranced for FREE
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Swisscoin VS. International money transfers


Money transfer is a common thing in our connected society today. People are working abroad and send money back home to relatives and family with services like Western Union and Money Gram. These services makes a lot of commission every year, they can charge anything between 7% and 22% fee per transaction. With the technology Swisscoin uses, we enable a whole new payment system (Peer-to-Peer) and cuts out the third-party (money gram, paypal, western union) of the transaction. Swisscoin offers a transaction that only takes minutes with the lowest possible fee.

It also enable banking through your mobile phone which gives the 2+ billion unbanked a chance to be a part of the world banking system.


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The product that Swisscoin offers to its members is different level of education packages; with these packages you’ll get a high rated education in cryptocurrency, trading and finance. The educate package price ranges is between €25 to € 15,000.


With every package purchase you will receive a bonus of “tokens”, these tokens are used to generate your Swisscoin from the system. Depending on package size you also have a certain number of splits (1 – 3 splits), these splits are very beneficial for you.

Say you purchase the € 1,000 package, you’ll get 10000 Tokens and 2 splits. This will give you the total of 40,000 Tokens after the 2 splits. (10,000 x 2 x 2 = 40, 000 tokens)


At this writing moment the Swisscoin mining is also at the lowest possible difficulty (1 token / 1 Swisscoin) , so 40,000 tokens will give you 40,000 Swisscoin after mining. This is the real GOLDEN opportunity, since the difficulty rate will only go higher and higher and it going to need more tokens per coin further on.


Lets say you now have 40,000 Swisscoin, with todays value of € 0.08 / coin = € 3,200 from a € 1,000 investment. The real profit comes when the value goes to €1 and above. Imaging a € 1,000 investment giving you € 40,000 in less then a year.


But then you might say, € 1,000 is way to much for my wallet, that’s ok! Any amount will give you profit at the moment.

Purchasing the €25 package, get 200 tokens, 1 split = 400 tokens = 400 Swisscoin = value of € 400 at the coin price of € 1. You see, any amount will give you a good profit!


education packages
education packages




0 Split

Academy lvl 0



200 Token

1 Split

Academy lvl 1



500 Token

1 Split

Academy lvl 2



1,000 Token

1 Split

Academy lvl 3



2,500 Token

1 Split

Academy lvl 4



5,000 Token

1 Split

Academy lvl 5



10,000 Token

2 Splits

Academy lvl 6



25,000 Token

2 Splits

Academy lvl 7



60,000 Token

2 Splits

Academy lvl 8



90,000 Token

3 Splits

Academy lvl 9



120,000 Token

3 Splits with Automining

Academy lvl 10



200,000 Token

3 Splits with automining

Academy lvl 11


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