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How to become a crypto millionaire in a year?

1. Register 2. Recieve 100 FREE coins 3. Purchase package 4. Build your team 5. Become a millionaire before your know it!

Package prices

1-3 splits included

€ 25 - € 15,000



Cryptocurrency is the future of currency, Swisscoin is the future of money


swisscoin profit

5 ways to get paid with Swisscoins compensation plan. 11 levels of affiliate bonuses.


Be your own boss from day one. Control your own income for life.

The 3 biggest benifits with crypto currency


Payment services like Moneygram and Western Union charges fees from 7% up to 22% per transaction.

Banking the unbanked

Today there are more then 2 billion people around the world that lives outside the banking system. The blockchain technology and Swisscoin enables banking through any device with internet access.

Protection of Wealth

Fiat currencies lose value over time, central banks keep on printing more money. Crypto currency is inflation protected and can't be manipulated.

In the middle of the financial crises of 2008 a new technology was introduced to the economic world, a ledger called Blockchain. From the blockchain technology a new currency was created, a digital currency also called crypto currency. The world first crypto currency Bitcoin was now born. This was the first currency in the world that wasn’t issued by any government or bank. This was the people’s currency, free from government insights. Since a crypto currency is created with cryptography it’s inflation protected and can be compared with precious metals.


But because Bitcoin was a pioneer it also has some design flaws and capacity issues, it also requires huge amounts of computer powers to generate coins today. Another issue that has been around since start is that it’s anonymous, so some countries has already banned bitcoin and it will never become fully accepted by the banking world because of this.


Bitcoin started it’s trading at the low $ 0.02 per coin and 4 years later it was traded at over $ 1100 / bitcoin, todays value is around $ 600 per coin. This has made some people around the world very wealthy and unfortunately a lot of us missed that chance.


Believe it or not, but the chance has really come again and you have opportunity to become a real crypto millionaire by the end of 2016.


The 1st of May 2016 a bitcoin alternative was launched, a crypto currency created in Switzerland called Swiss coin. Swisscoins developers decided to create a fully traceable currency that governments and banks will accept as a real currency. The Swisscoin Blockchain went live on the 4th of June 2016 and started mining their first batch of coins at the lowest possible value of € 0.1.


With bitcoins huge price today, you basically have to be rich to become a crypto millionaire with your bitcoins. Imaging if you had spent $ 1000 in 2009 on bitcoins. That would have given you ($ 1000 / $ 0.02) 50 000 BTC with the value of $ 30 000 0000 at todays value. But like we said the bitcoin ship has sailed, but rest assure the digital gold rush is here again and it’s for real this time.



  1. Register with Swisscoin, fund your account and purchase the desired education package.
  2. Share the opportunity with others (try to talk to at least 4 prospect every day)
  3. Invite them to learn more about Swisscoin and how they can benefit as well.
  4. Build your team strong and durable with educated miners
  5. Never quit, after rain comes sunhine!





With us you can work from the comfort of your own home and still enrich the lives of others




Justice to have the opportunity to do more with life, more success, more possebilities, more income and a better future, this is what Swisscoin stands for


The 9 stars represents continents and countries that are here from the beginning and a part of our community.


Represents Strenght, courage and eternity, and to reward you buinsess efforts


One of our main mission is to enable people the freedom to live their own lives


The Swiss cross is only worn by quality products from Switzerland

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Stands for truth, clarity and security, witch stand for a NEW digital currency


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